No More localhost
Welcome to the internet

Btunnel is a publicly accessible reverse proxy,
that helps you to expose localhost to internet

How btunnel works
  • Btunnel acts as a public reverse proxy

  • Geo-location based connection reduces latency

  • Auto reconnect if local connection drops


    unique public URL

    Each time you connect to btunnel server, a unique publicly accessible url is generated.

    https enabled

    All the generated urls are https enabled so that you don't have to worry about security.

    reverse proxy all requests to your localhost

    High performance reverse proxy to route all the requests to your localhost server through the generated url.

    Web UI for monitoring

    Open the web server shown in the terminal after connection establishment to monitor http request/response

    build in file server

    You can serve files from local directory as well without even creating a server, we go you covered. This is useful for serving static site or access your local media across the globe.

    basic auth

    We have support for basic capability out of the box for both http and file server.

    customize http headers

    You can add a list of custom request and response headers by just using them in command line arguments.

    Geo-location based url

    Get connection exposure from the nearest btunnel server based upon your origin request

    Arbitrary TCP port expose

    You can expose any service running on any TCP port through btunnel. This is a PRO feature.

    Register Subdomain

    You can register upto 10 subdomains under your username. This is a PRO feature.

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